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I say “we” a lot, here on my website.  While it may not be the cute, studio workshop with a couple of employees and the delicious smell of leather you're envisioning, there really is a team behind Holland Leather.  My name is Angie Benefiel and from my hands every bag is sewn - and usually cut.  So, why do I say “we” so much if I’m the one that makes all of these beautiful bags?  Well, sometimes my sister, Tammy, will help me cut out pattern pieces or sort other projects.  Often my husband, JP, checks my math calculations and makes sure the bags are sturdy enough to last.  A time or two, one of my sons, Jake, has made a two hour round trip to get a last minute leather I needed for a customer's bag. I could go on and on about people who happily step in to help me.  But the truth is, that list never seems to end!  I am surrounded with friends and family that love Holland Leather almost as much as I do - they’re great guinea pigs for new bag ideas, and some of my greatest supporters. It takes a village and I truly thank God that He has placed so many willing, skilled people with me for this providence.

As far as I know, I’m not Dutch, my leathers are sourced from all over the world, and my last name isn’t Holland.  So why name the business Holland Leather? Inspired by a beautiful poem, Holland Leather came about during a pivotal time in my life - the things I had planned and envisioned took a turn - not for the worst, but simply in a different direction.  The poem “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Kingsley served as an inspiration for this new journey into leather bags. In 2016, I took the leap and began learning how to sew leather into beautiful bags.  I have continued to learn to shape it into other useful styles, from key chains, to napkin rings, and beyond.  Now, I get to enjoy the decadent touch and feel of all kinds of leathers and mold them into timeless treasures for all to enjoy. 

As someone who favors function, but loves a good form - I strive to make sure you can see that in every bag that I make. They’re practical bags but they are also elegant, refined, and all naturally different; since they’re always handcrafted. You won’t find inferior, genuine leather here.  But you will find a genuine love of making heirloom pieces from quality, durable leathers. 

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